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  Order of execution


  G00 - Rapid Move
  G01 - Linear Feed Move
  G02 - Clockwise Arc Feed Move
  G03 - Counter Clockwise Arc Feed Move

  G04 - Dwell

  G05 - Cubic Spline
  G05.1 - Quadratic Spline
  G05.2 - NURBS Block
  G05.3 - NURBS Block End

  G06 - Shapes Exec
  G06.1 - Shapes Clear
  G06.2 - Shapes Load
  G06.3 - Shapes Process

  G07 - Lathe Mode - Diameter
  G08 - Lathe Mode - Radius

  G09 - Stop, Sync & Set Position

  G10 - Settings

  G12 - Mill: Circular Pocket CW
  G13 - Mill: Circular Pocket CCW

  G15 - Polar Coordinate Cancel
  G16 - Polar Coordinate Enable

  G17 - XY Plane
  G18 - ZX Plane
  G19 - YZ Plane

  G20 - Inch Units
  G21 - Millimeter Units

  G28 - Go To Home
  G28.1 - Set Home
  G30 - Go To Home
  G30.1 - Set Home

  G32 - Spindle Synch Motion
  G33 - Spindle Synch Motion
  G33.1 - Spindle Synch Motion With Return

  G31 - Probe
  G38.1 - Probe
  G38.2 - Probe
  G38.3 - Probe
  G38.4 - Probe
  G38.5 - Probe

  G40 - Tool Compensation Cancel
  G41 - Tool Compensation Left
  G41.1 - Tool Compensation Dynamic Left
  G42 - Tool Compensation Right
  G42.1 - Tool Compensation Dynamic Right

  G43 - Tool Offset+ Enable
  G43.1 - Tool Offset+ Enable
  G44 - Tool Offset- Enable
  G44.1 - Tool Offset- Enable
  G49 - Tool Offset Cancel

  G50 - Axes Scale Cancel
  G51 - Axes Scale Enable

  G52 - Axes Offset
  G52.1 - Axes Offset Cancel

  G53 - Machine Coordinate System

  G54 - Coordinate System 1
  G54.1 - Coordinate System P
  G55 - Coordinate System 2
  G56 - Coordinate System 3
  G57 - Coordinate System 4
  G58 - Coordinate System 5
  G59 - Coordinate System 6 (or P)
  G59.1 - Coordinate System 7
  G59.2 - Coordinate System 8
  G59.3 - Coordinate System 9

  G61 - Blend Cancel
  G64 - Blend Enable

  G65 - Call Macro

  G68 - Axes Rotate Enable
  G69 - Axes Rotate Cancel

  G70 - Inch Units
  G71 - Millimeter Units

  G72 - Mill: Facing
  G72.1 - Mill: Profile
  G72.2 - Mill: Pocket

  G73 - Drill: Drill, Speed Peck, Dwell
  G74 - Tap: Left
  G75 - Turn: Pattern Repeating
  G76 - Turn: Threading
  G77 - Turn: Roughing X
  G78 - Turn: Roughing Z
  G79 - Turn: Grooving

  G80 - Cancel Motion

  G81 - Drill: Drill
  G82 - Drill: Drill, Dwell
  G83 - Drill: Drill, Peck, Dwell
  G84 - Tap: Right
  G85 - Bore: Feed In, Feed Out
  G86 - Bore: Feed In, Spindle Stop, Rapid Out, Spindle Start
  G87 - Bore: Feed In, Spindle Reverse, Rapid Out, Spindle Reverse
  G88 - Bore: Feed In, Spindle Stop, Feed Out, Spindle Start
  G89 - Bore: Feed In, Spindle Reverse, Feed Out, Spindle Reverse

  G90 - Distance Mode - Absolute
  G90.1 - Distance Mode - IJK Absolute
  G90.2 - Distance Mode - ABC Absolute
  G91 - Distance Mode – Incremental
  G91.1 - Distance Mode - IJK Incremental
  G91.2 - Distance Mode - ABC Incremental

  G92 - Working Offset
  G92.1 - Working Offset Set

  G93 - Feed Mode - Inverse Time
  G94 - Feed Mode - Units per Minute
  G95 - Feed Mode - Units per Revolution

  G96 - Spindle Mode - CSS
  G97 - Spindle Mode - RPM

  G98 - Cycle Return - Initial Z Point
  G99 - Cycle Return - R Point


Other Codes







G02 - Clockwise Arc Feed Move

Clockwise Arc Feed Move.

G02 is used to move the CNC machine along an arc. It is used to perform circular interpolation clockwise. The G02 command is typically used in conjunction with the X, Y, and Z axis commands to specify the end point of the arc, as well as the I, J, and K words to specify the center point of the arc. The F command can also be used to set the feed rate for the motion.

For example, G02 X10 Y5 Z0 I0 J0 K1 F100 would move the tool in a clockwise arc, with the center of the arc at coordinates (0,0), ending at coordinates (10,5), at a feed rate of 100 units per minute.

G03 is the counterpart of G02 command, it is used to move the CNC around along an arc counter-clockwise.

Arc can be in 3 different planes, depending of G17, G18 or G19 modal state.

  • XY plane, G17 state, Z rotation axis
  • ZX plane, G18 state, Y rotation axis
  • YZ plane, G19 state, X rotation axis

If motion in direction of rotation axis is specified then helical motion is generated.

Arc is specified in center format using IJK words or in radius format using R word.

Center format – arc center is defined with IJ (in XY plane), KI (in ZX plane) or JK (in YZ plane) words.
In incremental arc distance mode (G91.1) arc center is set as offset from start position.
In absolute arc distance mode (G90.1) arc center is set as distance from zero position.

Radius format – arc is defined with arc radius. This format is depreciated because it can in certain conditions produce cuts that are out of tolerances.

Number of rotations can be set with optional P word. If, for example, P3 is set then we have two full circles before final arc.


G02 <X..W @^> <IJK> <P>
G02 <X..W @^> <R> <P>


X..W End position. (optional)
@^ Distance and angle. (optional)
IJK Offset/distance to arc center. (optional)
R Arc radius. (optional)
P Number of rotations (optional)


G21 G90 G91.1 G8
G00 X0 Y0 Z0
G00 X30
G02 Z60 I-30 J0 P2
G02 Z120 I-30 J0 P2
G02 X-30 Z165 I-30 J0 P2
G01 X30 Y120 Z180
G03 Z120 I-30 J0 P2
G03 Z60 I-30 J0 P2
G03 Z0 I-30 J0 P2
G00 X30 Y120 Z0
G03 X90 J0 K30 P2
G03 X150 J0 K30 P2
G03 X165 Y90 Z30 J0 K30
G00 X165 Y90 Z30
G02 Y30 Z30 K0 I30 P2
G00 X165 Y30 Z30
G02 X97.5 J-30 K0 P2
G02 X37.5 J-30 K0 P2

See also

G01, G03

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