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OptoIso 3/4


This product is available in our web shop: OptoIso 3/4.


OptoIso 3/4 adapter is a device that opto-isolates Mk3/4 controller inputs from external devices such as limit switches, proximity sensors, input switches, probes and similar devices.

Its main function is to protect the input circuitry of Mk3/4 controller from any damage that may occur due to improper wiring or power surges at the side of externally connected device. Also, using this adapter reduces electrical noise influence at controller inputs and makes up for easy connection of proximity switches.

Features and specifications

  • Single adapter offers 4 opto-isolated input channels
  • Each input corresponds to its dedicated open collector output
  • Max voltage value of input signal is 24VDC
  • It can be used as a simple voltage level translator where you need to connect devices that function at different voltage levels (5V, 12V, 24V)
  • Adapter was designed specifically for Mk3/4 controller but it can be used with any other board that needs opto-isolated inputs.

Connection diagrams

Connection of limit switches

Connection of PNP proximity sensors

Connection of various switching devices

Typical application

PNP proximity sensor with OptoIso 3/4 adapter board and Mk3/4 controller. Splicing connector is included with adapter board.

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