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How to edit built-in script files

One of the most useful tools of PlanetCNC TNG software are its script files. PlanetCNC TNG software offers numerous program features that allow flexible and fluent work flow when operating a CNC machine.

To name a few of the most common ones: Work position/Measure Height, Tool Offset/Measure Length, Tool change procedure, Homing procedure and the list goes on.

Each of these features have its own dedicated gcode program that dictates their machine and program behaviour. Such gcode program is called script file. So, most of the toolbar buttons, custom buttons, user commands, Machine menu items etc.. has its own dedicated script file that is available for observation, editing or configuration.

Script files can be accessed in three different ways:

-Via settings (File/Settings/Program Options/Scripts)
-Using combination of PC keyboard keys Ctrl + Alt and Left mouse button
-Directly accessing script files in Scripts folder

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