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How to get and activate license

PlanetCNC controller requires dedicated controller license for its activation. When connected with PC, activated controller then acts as a license dongle.
With activated controller, you can use PlanetCNC TNG software without any limitations and restrictions.

Steps below describe how to to obtain controller TNG license code and how to activate your controller using TNG license code.

Step 1:

Make sure that your controller is updated with PlanetCNC TNG firmware:
How to update controller firmware with PlanetCNC TNG

Step 2:

  • connect your controller with PC using USB cable
  • launch PlanetCNC TNG software
  • click Help menu item: Help/License Management/Activation Code Generator

Step 3:

  • select your controller from device list, so that it becomes highlighted
  • “Code” window will be populated with activation code that starts with “CU…”
  • copy this activation code using right mouse click and select “Copy” or click “Copy to Clipboard”

Activation codes that start with KU… are not valid!

Step 4:

  • send us activation code via e-mail when you will request for license.
  • e-mail should also include some sort of proof of license purchase, such as invoice, order ticket number or PayPal payment ID
  • your license code will be sent to you via e-mail.

License code will look like this:

<key code="YFXA-7GU1-YDHDS-HRE-VHEW-QW$" serial="500">

Step 5:

  • after you receive license code via e-mail, in PlanetCNC TNG software click Help/License Management/Licenses
  • click Import button
  • copy and paste the license code (in its entirety) that was sent to you into the license code window. You can use right mouse button and click “Paste” or you can use “Paste From Clipboard” button.
  • software should notify you if license activation has been successful.

Step 6:

Under Help/License Management/Licenses… user can check list of successfully activated controller(s):

Troubleshooting the controller activation

In some cases activation of controller is not successful.

The reasons for such might be:

  • license code for controller is not valid. CU code of connected controller does not match the CU code of generated license. Make sure to use correct license code for controller.
  • license code is for CNC USB software instead of TNG software. To obtain the TNG controller license, read this tutorial page again.
  • next to the displayed controller in the list of licenses window is (AUTH). This means that user needs to install trusted root certificates. Follow this link: Certificate Import

Frequently asked questions regarding controller license

Can I use PlanetCNC TNG and TNG license with my Mk1, MK2 or MK2/4 controller?

  • You cannot use PlanetCNC TNG software and TNG controller license with Mk2,Mk2/4, and Mk1 controllers!

I have purchased controller license in the past when using CNC USB controller software, do I need to purchase license for the same controller once I use TNG software?

  • If you purchased controller license in the past for CNC USB software, you do not need to purchase it again.

I purchased one controller license but I have two controllers, do I need to purchase additional license?

  • Each controller needs its dedicated license. Each license needs to be purchased.
  • License is bound to dedicated controller and its serial number.

Does license expire? Does license need to be renewed?

  • License does not expire.

I want to use my controller with multiple computers. Can I use my controller license on multiple PC's?

  • License can be used on multiple computers.
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