How to update controller firmware with PlanetCNC TNG

To update controller firmware with TNG you need:

  • Mk3 series of controller (MK3, MK3/4, MK3DRV, Mk3ECO)
  • Double shielded USB cable (length of cable should not exceed 1.8m, otherwise use active signal repeater)
  • External power supply for controller (8-24VDC)
  • PlanetCNC TNG software installed on your computer

Firmware update procedure is a pretty straightforward:

  • Connect controller with your PC using USB cable
  • launch TNG software
  • Select menu option: “Machine/Controller/Firmware Update”
  • Wait around 10 seconds

After update, message is displayed:

After the successful update you can check if controller is visible under connected devices under File/Settings/Connection:

Troubleshooting the firmware update procedure

If there is something wrong and you receive error message, just repeat procedure.

If you receive constant error message during the firmware update procedure, please first check the following:

  • is controller STATUS LED blinking with approximately 1Hz frequency
  • check for faulty USB cable. Try using different cable
  • is controller using external power supply
  • is controller visible under File/Settings/Connection

If you are migrating from CNC USB software to TNG software for the first time, make sure that controller firmware is updated with latest version of CNC USB software prior updating it with TNG. Follow this link to update controller with latest version of CNC USB:
How to update controller firmware with CNC USB

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