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Change Log

Latest changes

  • Added more custom parameters to tool table.
  • Added “persparam” expression function.
  • Added an option to share parameters between subscripts.
  • Added protection against triggered probe input in the homing script.
  • Modified the M6 script to include all ATC tool slot options.
  • Added a “Tool Slots” window for configuring tool changer slot parameters.
  • Added new settings to enable calling custom scripts for ATC support.
  • Relocated Tool Change settings for ATC to a new settings window.
  • Fixed a bug where G-code execution continued even when a message dialog was displayed.
  • Updated the M6 script to incorporate new settings.
  • G-code that uses '_num' parameters will now trigger an error to help identify and locate the removed '_num' parameters. This error-triggering mechanism will be removed in the future.
  • Added new settings to enable calling custom scripts from the M6 script, significantly reducing the need for full customization of the M6 script.
  • Added an option to execute 'string' parameter as G-code line.

Version 2024-06-10 BETA

  • Note: not all changes were logged before this point!
  • Updated scripts that used '_num' parameters due to the renaming.:
    • M6
    • O109 - Probe Check
    • O122 - Measure Tool Offset
    • Machine/Tools/Measure All Tools
    • Machine/Cycle/Mill Facing
    • Machine/Measure/Gantry Square
  • Renamed all parameters ending with '_num' by removing the '_num' suffix.
  • All input/output parameters that were zero-based are now one-based. For example, '_input|1' corresponds to pin 1, '_input|8' corresponds to pin 8, and so on.
  • More parameters support read/write mode.
  • Removed some old '$<…>' type values.
  • Added support for parameters of the 'string' type.
  • Consolidated the API and updated the documentation accordingly.
  • Resolved numerous minor issues and bugs.

Version 2024-01-02

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