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Export Profile

Used to store configuration to zip file.

Some users can face an obstacle during their time learning and using PlanetCNC TNG software.

While PlanetCNC always tries to give fast and effective support, sometimes more info is needed about the problem user is facing in order to come up with solution as fast as possible.

Export Profile will create an zip file that will include necessary files for PlanetCNC support to start investigating an issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

Zip fileincludes:

  • Scripts folder
  • UserCmd folder
  • UserGen folder
  • Tool table file
  • State files
  • Settings file
  • Parameters file
  • License file
  • Keys file
  • Handwheel file
  • Coordinate system files
  • Button files
  • Expr files
  • Data folder that contains
    • warp.txt:
    • trans.txt:
    • params.txt: File with all parameter values
    • log_usb.txt: List and specifications of all USB devices connected to PC
    • log_device.txt: Controllers USB information
    • gcode.txt: G-code program file that is loaded in TNG when you export backup profile

and all other files/folders from profile folder.

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