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Import NC Drill

PlanetCNC TNG software will automatically generate toolpath g-code program based on your imported NC drill file.

NC Drill files are generated by software for design of printed circuit boards. NC Drill files are used for drilling holes of printed circuit boards.

When using Import NC Drill feature, user dialog will be displayed. User has option to configure program parameters to suit his machining needs.

Import dialog


Feed Speed
Sets feed speed for generated toolpath. F-word g-code will be generated. Each G01 move will be performed at this speed.

Feed Speed is usually the speed that is used for cutting or milling, and since there will be no cutting involved in the drilling procedure, you can set this value the same as your Traverse Speed in settings.

Feed speed is the speed at which machine will descend from Safe height to Start height.

Plunge Speed
Sets feed speed of plunge moves for generated toolpath. Each G01 move in Z- direction will be performed at this speed.

Safe Height
With this option enabled, generated toolpath will include traverse moves performed at safe height.

Safe height is a safety feature which helps with prevention of machine crashing into obstacles that may interfere with machines toolpath. Obstacles could be screws, fixtures, vises etc..

When machine is finished with cutting first shape, it will ascend to safe height and move to next cutting location of next shape.

Start Height
Start height is usually surface of workpiece material. Machine will descend from 'Safe Height' to 'Start Height' at feed rate.

Cut Height
Cut height is depth of drilling.

Holes should be drilled in its entirety, meaning, hole should not be drilled half way. Cut Height value is basically the thickness of your PCB with some added safe distance just to be sure that the holes will be drilled “clean”.

Tool change
Enables tool change for drilling (Tn M6). Tool number used for drilling should be set in NC drill file.

Tn M6 and G43 Hn g-codes will be generated for enabled milling options. Offset value will be taken from tool table.

Mirrors program in XY.

Size X
X coordinate value is approximate dimension of PCB board. Make sure that same value is used with Gerber import.

Size Y
Y coordinate is approximate dimension of PCB board. Make sure that same value is used with Gerber import.

File Format

Specify millimeter or inch units.

Specify number decimal digit format.

Leading/Trailing Zeroes
Specify leading and trailing zeroes.

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