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G-Code panel

G-code panel displays and tracks current program g-code lines.

Vertical Slider

At the right side of G-code panel is vertical slider. Dragging slider up or down, user is able navigate trough pages of current g-code program.

Position Slider

At the bottom of G-code panel is position slider. Dragging slider left or right, user is able to navigate trough program lines and observe progress of toolpath simulation in program visualization display. User can also use PC keyboard arrow keys to navigate trough pages of g-code program, line by line.

Context Menu

Right mouse click on selected g-code line opens a dialogue with additional options.

Start From Selected Line
Program will start at position of selected program g-code line.

Move/To Selected Line
Moves machine to position of selected g-code line in g-code window.

Move To Selected Line XY
Moves machine to XY position value of selected g-code line in g-code window.

Move/Camera To Selected Line XY
Moves machine to position so that camera will see XY coordinate

Copy To Clipboard
Copies G-code to the clipboard.

Copy line to Clipboard
Copies G-code line to the clipboard.

Paste From Clipboard
Opens G-code from clipboard.

Opens new program. Software will try to auto detect file format.

Closes currently loaded G-code program.

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