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Manual data input (MDI)

MDI window allows user of manual G-code input, execution of Expression commands, execution of MDI shortcuts,…

Example (G-code input)

Typing G53 X0 Y0 Z10 will move machine to its absolute position of X0 Y0 Z10.
User can also use math expressions or parameter manipulation within the MDI G-code.

Example (Expression)

MDI also offers Expression evaluation.

Expression evaluation results are in Output window,

Example (MDI shortcut)

In settings(Settings/User Interface/Shortcuts), MDI code named 'LOG' was set for Show Log action.
So, now typing '/log' into MDI window will open Show Log dialog. Please note: Symbol '/' before MDI code needs to be used.


History of MDI commands will be displayed if Up or Down arrow keys are used.


Line break can be created with keyboard key combination Shift+Enter. This way user can input multi-line G-code command.

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