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Menu bar

Menu bar in the PlanetCNC TNG software is located at the top of the main window and includes several options for accessing various features and functions of the software.

  • File menu: allows you to create new programs, open and save existing programs, import and export files, and access various settings.
  • View menu: allows you to change the layout of the main window, such as hiding or showing certain sections or docking them in a different location.
  • Program menu: provides access to various program-related functions such as simulation, code manipulation, and program editing.
  • Machine menu: provides access to various machine-related functions such as machine control, homing, and limit switch configuration.
  • Help menu: provides access to the software's help documentation, including a user manual, FAQs, and support resources.

Additionally, there are main window manipulation buttons, such as minimize, maximize, and close, located at the top right corner of the main window. When a file is imported, the file name and file path will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the main window.

Drop down menu will appear if you click on a dedicated menu item.

Buttons for minimize, resize and close PlanetCNC TNG main window:

Buttons for panel display manipulation

On the right side of menu bar are buttons for panel manipulation. Left button is used for show/hide of Position, Speed, State and Jog panels, center button is used for show/hide Utilities panel and right button is used for show/hide of the G-code panel. When button is enabled its shape will change.

All three buttons disabled:

All three buttons enabled:

You can hide/show Position, Speed, State and Jog panel with left button.

You can hide/show G-code panel with right button.

You can hide/show utilities panel with center button.

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