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Status bar

Status LED

Additional LED’s for indication can be added to status bar.
LED’s can correspond to built in software features or can be configured to indicate different parameter values or hardware input/output states.

ES This is short for E-Stop. This LED indicator lights green when controller is in E-Stop mode.
TH This is short for Torch Height. This LED indicator lights green when THC mode is enabled using a M54 Pn command. Indicator will function only during the NC program execution.
SL This is short for Soft Limits. This LED indicator lights green when soft limits are enabled via Machine/Motors,Limits,Probe/Soft Limits Enable
LM This is short for Limits. This LED indicator lights green when hardware limit switch inputs are enabled and considered via Machine/Motors,Limits,Probe/Hard Limits Enable or using gcode command M11 P1.
MT This is short for Motors. This LED indicator lights green when axis motors are enabled via: Machine/Motors,Limits,Probe/Motors Enable or using gcode command M10 P1. When E-stop mode is active, MT LED indicator turns red.
AL This is short for Axis Lock. This LED indicator lights green when axis is locked due to activated probe or Estop event. Axis movement is locked at direction at which axis was moving when probe or limit switch was activated. As soon as probe/limit switch input is inactive, axis lock of dedicated axis is disabled. Under Settings/Jogging user can enable Probe Lock option for motion during jogging. When enabled, in order to release the probe or limit switch and thus axis lock state, user needs to jog the axis in the opposite direction for short distance.
ER This is short for Error. This LED indicator lights green when controllers Error input pin is active.
On Output pin.
In Input pin.
Ln Limit pin.
Jn Jog pin.
Cn Ctrl pin.
_param Parameter.

Controller LED

Connectivity and license indication light is located at the bottom right corner of main window. It indicates controller status regarding connection with PlanetCNC TNG software and license activation.

Green LED Controller is ready and waiting for commands.
Green LED with S Simulation is selected.
Red LED Indicates that software is busy processing motion commands and sending them to controller.
Orange LED Controllers firmware version is not current. Update controllers firmware with Machine/Controller/Firmware Update
Gray LED Controller is not connected.
LED with X (any color) PlanetCNC TNG software does not find proper license for connected controller. Make sure that your PlanetCNC TNG license is valid and correctly imported.
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