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Top toolbar

Emergency stop Executes immediate Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
Open program Loads a G-code program
Start execution Start program execution
Stop execution Stop program execution
Pause execution Pause program execution
Top View Display G-code program view from the top
Side View Display G-code program view from the side
Front View Display G-code program view from the front
Perspective View Display G-code program using 'Perspective' view
Zoom In Zoom display in to view details
Zoom Out Zoom display out to view a larger area
Zoom Tool Zoom display to the current tool position
Zoom Extents Zoom display to the G-code program extents
Mist Activate / Deactivate Coolant Mist
Flood Activate / Deactivate Coolant Flood
Spindle Activate / Deactivate Spindle

Left toolbar

Move/To Zero Moves the machine XY and Z axes to zero position
Move/Axis To Zero/XY Moves the machine X and Y axes to zero position
Move/To G28 Moves machine to the absolute G28 position as set with Machine/Absolute Position/As G30
Move/ To G30 Moves machine to the absolute G30 position as set with Machine/Absolute Position/As G30
Work Offset/To Zero Sets working offset to zero
Work Position/Axis To Zero/XY Sets the current XY position of machine as zero XY work position
Work Position/Axis To Zero/Z Sets current Z position as zero Z work position
Work Position/Measure Measures Z working position at current machine position, using movable tool sensor
Tool Offset/Measure Measures tool length using a fixed tool sensor
Home Initiate automatic homing procedure

Toolbar additional features

Button state

Toolbar button can be active , disabled or normal

Tooltip bubble

If you hover a mouse cursor over toolbar button, tooltip bubble appears.

Customizing toolbars

User can add additional toolbars to main window and populate them with user buttons.
Example below displays additional bottom (horizontal) and right (vertical) toolbars, both populated with user toolbar buttons.

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