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Utilities panel

Utilities panel is shown/hidden with center button for panel layout manipulation. When utilities panel is displayed, center button will change its symbol

By default, Utilities panel embeds only Output tab. User can additionally embed also Edit, Camera and Log tabs to the utilities panel. This is done in Settings/User Interface/Utilities.

Please note: Edit, Camera and Log tabs will not be embedded until you execute them from their dedicated menus.

Output tab

Output tab will display error messages, expression results, results of print command,…

In a case of G-code error, exact program line where error occurs, current g-code program folder path and the error definition will be displayed.

Output tab buttons

Output tab uses three buttons for easier data manipulation.

Pin button will stick/fix last printed data so that it is always visible as a last displayed line. Basically this is an automatic scroller, always tracking last printed data.
It is very useful if there is large and frequent flow of printed data.

Clears any printed data on the output tab display.

Copies any printed data to clipboard.

Edit tab

See Program Menu/Edit.

Log tab

See Help Menu/Show Log.

Camera tab

See Machine Menu/Camera/Show.

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