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With PlanetCNC TNG software you can use PC keyboard, jogging keyboard and MPG pendant to jog your machine. Under this group of settings your can configure jogging parameters.

Default Speed

Default value of jogging speed. This speed value is used when jogging PC keyboard is used. The same value will be considered and displayed in jog segment.When PlanetCNC TNG is launched this value will be used.

Example: Default speed set to 720 mm/min in settings.

Default Step

Distance of step when you jog your machine in “Step” mode. Units are millimeters/inch. When PlanetCNC TNG is launched this value will be used.

Example: Step jogging comes very useful when you need short distance increments of motion. Usually when you need to move tool tip towards the material surface to set working position Z=0. Jog inputs of controller are configured in Settings/User Interface/Shortcuts/Jogging → Pin.

Default Round

Position rounding value. When jog motion stops, machine position value will be rounded value divisible with entered value.

Example: Default round set to 0.5 mm. Bottom position values are final position values after jog motion. Position values are either rounded at 0.5 or 0.

Probe Lock

When jogging, corresponding axis movement is locked if probe is activated. As soon as probe input is inactive, axis lock of dedicated axis is disabled. When Probe Lock is enabled, in order to release the axis lock state, user needs to jog the axis in the opposite direction for short distance.

Invert of Jog Inputs

You can invert input pins of controllers Jog header. Click the radio button to invert desired input.

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