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Under this group of settings you can configure settings important for compatibility with stepper/servo drives, enable signal configuration, controller axis output configuration, motor speeds and accelerations, axis backlash value, limitations of motors as also hardware limit switch configuration.

Step Width

Width of STEP pulse. Units of parameter are micro seconds. If step frequency is too high for inserted Step Width value, Step Width will be set to 50% of duty cycle.

Enable Pin

PlanetCNC controllers support Enable signal via enable pin located on controller axis output header.


Enables use of Enable signal.


Inverts enable signal(pulse) from 0V to 5V or from 5V to 0V to match your stepper driver requirements.

On E-Stop

Enable signal is disabled when E-stop is active.


Enable signal is enabled only when motion is applied to motors.


PlanetCNC controllers support up to 9* interpolated axis outputs, depending on controller used. Each axis output can generate steps for any of 9 linear or rotational axes.

Axis Output 1-9

For each of 1-9* axis outputs you can select axis motor of your CNC.

If you need two axis outputs to generate synchronized steps (two axis outputs used for same machine axis → slave axes) you just set same axis motor for both axis outputs:

Related parameters



Inverts step signal (pulse) from 0V to 5V or from 5V to 0V

*4 for Mk3/4, Mk3DRV and Mk3ECO controllers

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