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Motors - Limit Switches

Limit Switches

Using these parameters we can dedicate each axis motor its limit switch input. We can assign limit switch input for each direction of motor movement.

Related parameters

There are many methods of limit switch connection, and their corresponding limit setting configuration. Here are few examples.: -One limit switch per axis motor, e.g. for axis X motor (positive direction), connected to controllers limit input 1:

-Two limit switches for axis, e.g. for X motor (negative and positive direction), connected to same limit input of controller.

-Two limit switches for axis, e.g. X motor (negative and positive direction), connected to separate limit inputs of controller, 1 and 2:

Same principles that were shown above for X axis can be used for all other axes!

Invert and Estop

You can invert limit input located at Limit header and enable its Estop functionality. Click the radio button to invert desired input. In order that Estop is activated and machine stops during machine operation or jogging when limit switch is activated, you need to enable Estop radio button.

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